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Heritage and villages of our valleys

Stone houses with facades enhanced by wooden balconies, bordered by galleries and slate roofs with dormer windows to let the sun’s generous rays filter through… This is the typical Pyrenean architecture of our villages.

Our heritage

We have inherited a rich heritage and we are eager to share it with you…

In our village churches and chapels, baroque altarpieces, frescoes dating from the fifteenth century, polychrome virgins and other untouched treasures that have been able to cross history!

Saint-Lary is located on the network of the paths of Santiago de Compostela whose route reaches Spain through the passes of Port Vieux in the valley of the Géla and Ourdissétou in the valley of Rioumajou.

Symbol of this era: the chapel of the Templars located on the township of Aragnouet.

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The Aure and Louron Valleys are classified as Pays d’Art et d’Histoire and are committed to a policy ofanimation and promotion of the built, natural and architectural heritage. Guided tours are organized by the Pays d’art et d’histoire Aure-Louron association and allow you to discover the churches or villages.

Two houses

to visit

The house


The Maison du Patrimoine in Saint Lary offers different museum spaces dedicated to the Pyrenean heritage, as well as guided tours of the village of Saint-Lary and other activities throughout the year.

The house

of the Pyrenees National Park

With the same intention you can also visit the National Park House, dedicated to the Pyrenees National Park. A guided or self-guided tour will allow you to discover the different forest environments of the valley, the eco-responsible management of the wood as well as tales adapted to children. Don’t hesitate to fill up on documentation to go exploring!

Pyrenean villages

to discover

- Saint-Lary Soulan

in the spirit of the Aure valley

The village of Saint-Lary is dominated by the ski resort. The Pic Lumière cable car and The Vignec gondola, connects the village to the slopes.

Always lively, the streets of Saint-Lary and especially its main street: the street Vincent Mir, (which owes its name to the founder of the resort) offer many shops, services and restaurants. Evenings in the village are festive and mix family atmospheres and Southwestern conviviality!

- Soulan

on the way to the heights

A purely pastoral and preserved village, you will reach it by taking the direction to the ski resort of Saint-Lary. This sunny village dominates Saint-Lary with which it merged in 1963, hence the name of the commune: Saint-Lary Soulan.

SailhanFull of charm

In the direction of the Azet pass, you can reach it by car but also on foot during a walk by taking a path from Saint-Lary. Do not hesitate to discover its mill, le Moulin de la Mousquère, renovated and dating from the Middle Ages or the wash house with its beautiful fresco of the washerwomen.

Azet and EnsLand of pastoralism

The pastoral atmosphere of our mountains, at an altitude of 1000 meters.

From the village of Azet, go for a walk on its beautiful plateaus of Ourtigué or Arsoué crossed by the sparkling streams in the beautiful season. You will be able to reach the village of ENS.

AncizanOld village of cloth weavers

6 kilometers from Saint-Lary, stroll through the narrow streets of this village that has preserved its authenticity. A former fortified village of weavers, you will find evidence of the relative opulence of the medieval period: sculpted doors and lintels, mullioned windows or the famous house with a “stair tower”.

Vignec and Cadeihan TrachèreAn exposure to the rising sun

Easy to visit on foot or by bike from Saint-Lary, do not miss this easy walk between these 2 villages. Their simplicity and their exposure will seduce you. Ideal for a morning stroll.

- Vielle-Aure

and its alleys

Two steps from Saint Lary, you will reach the village of Vielle Aure by following the Neste. Typical village of our valley with its small cobbled streets and its Romanesque Church of the 12th century.

- Gouaux and Grailhen

exceptional views

Gouaux and Grailhen will surprise you with their beautiful displays. Admire the breathtaking view and take the opportunity to visit Gouaux’s goat farm.

- Arreau

Medieval spirit

The gateway to the Aure Valley. This village will seduce you with its medieval charm these half-timbered facades and other architectural wonders.

Many other villages remain to be discovered, do not hesitate to approach the Tourist Office for information! And also from Pays d’art et d’histoire which programs commented visits of villages and churches.


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