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The trail

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The trail

Trail running is the sport of long-distance running in a natural environment, generally on footpaths or hiking trails. Trail is the French abbreviation for trail running.


Since the explosion in the practice of this discipline, many trail runners have chosen the Aure valley to come and train and prepare for the major sporting events on the calendar!

And it’s not for nothing that the valley is the spot of the Grand Raid des Pyrénées at the end of August, one of the most prestigious Trail and Ultra Trail competitions.

It’s also here in Saint-Lary and Vignec that the Patou Trail is organized every year at the end of June and its various competition formats: Skymarathon, vertical kilometer, etc…

Located in the heart of vast protected areas,

St-Lary is the starting point for numerous itineraries. A stopover on the GR10, the village is also one of the gateways to the Pyrenees National Park and the Néouvielle Nature Reserve.

A dream playground for all trailers, with opportunities for looped itineraries and overnight stays in refuges.