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Endowment funds

When you choose to become a patron, you become a player in the realization of our resort’s projects.

What is it?

In 2022, the commune of Saint-Lary-Soulan and major local players sharing the same values and ambitions for their territory decided to create the Fonds de dotation de Saint-Lary.

The purpose of this endowment fund is to accompany, support and finance all operations of general interest in the cultural, heritage, sporting, environmental and events fields, suitable for promoting the development of environmentally-friendly tourism and supporting the economic development of the commune of Saint-Lary-Soulan.

Our Endowment Fund aims to support inspiring actions.

The creation and development of this Endowment Fund demonstrates our willingness to mobilize to contribute to a four-season developmentaround various main axes:

culture, sports, health, education, the environment…

The Endowment Fund of Saint-Lary and its members are fully committed to this approach in order to meet the current and future needs of our resort.

Call for donations

As a private individual

All contributions are valuable and welcome, you can:

Become a patron of the Endowment Fund of Saint-Lary and convey values through a variety of projects. The contribution makes it possible to be a major support for the realization of local projects. An approach that allows you to benefit from tax advantages with a 66% reduction on the amount of the don. (Article 200 of the French General Tax Code).

Example: you decide to donate €300, you will benefit from a tax reduction of 66% i.e. €198, the actual cost of your donation will be €102.

From €1,000 of donation, you will be part of the “Club Patou” which will give you information andprivileged access to the events we support and to exclusive club events.

As a company

To become a patron of the Endowment Fund of Saint-Lary is to convey its social and societal values through major projects. Your contribution enables you to play a major role in the realization of these projects. Your company benefits from new communications and becomes associated with the image of our town, our resort and its Endowment Fund. This approach allows you to benefit from tax advantages, with a 60% reduction on the amount of the donation. (Article 238 bis of the French General Tax Code).

Your donations can be in the form of cash, materials or services. What if your new corporate policy was rooted in local missions of general interest?

From a donation of €5,000 you’ll be part of the “Patou club”, which will give you information and privileged access to events we support and to exclusive club events.

A word from the mayor

Faced with the challenges of social cohesion, diversification and environmental emergencies, Saint Lary Soulan Town Hall has chosen to reaffirm its true identity through the creation of an Endowment Fund. The main purpose of this Endowment Fund is to provide financial support to associations seeking to improve children’s sporting and cultural education, by organizing cultural, heritage and sporting events. This Endowment Fund will also enable the realization of new ambitious, collective and structuring projects for our valley, in line with our CSR, education and animation principles.

I count on your understanding and contribution to our Endowment Fund.

André Mir
Mayor of

The office


MARIN Gérard

GRANGÉ Vincent

MIR Jean-Marie
General Delegate of the endowment fund
to contact for all requests for partnerships, patronage, events…
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37, Rue Vincent Mir

Founding members
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