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at the Rioumajou hospice

A good idea to taste the Gastronomy of our mountains in a sumptuous setting.

You’re looking to give her a moment she’ll remember for years to come. To rekindle that little flame that so deliciously spices up a couple’s daily life? Instead of promising her the moon, surprise her by inviting her to a gourmet dinner at the Hospice du Rioumajou.

A dozen kilometers to change the world

I know, at first sight, the prospect of walking for an hour to have dinner in a mountain refuge is not very exciting. And yet. By parking in the Frédancon parking lot, located about ten kilometers from Saint-Lary Soulan, you will have already transported him into another world. The one where the beauty of nature stings your eyes. If this is not already a small victory of happiness, I don’t know about it.

If the climb to the Hospice du Rioumajou is going to take you a short hour, tell yourself that the path presents no difficulty. The first part is shaded and the second is illuminated by the valley floor.

Take the time to enjoy a romantic pose at the small waterfall. A selfie is in order. Then feed off the words of the one you’re with as she goes to rave about the beauty of the landscape. If not, seriously start thinking about changing women.


Here comes “THE MOMENT”, “EL MOMENTO”, the “TRUC DE OUF”: the panoramic view on the valley floor. This is where you will know if you will be able to finish your days with the one who accompanies you. Ok, I’m exaggerating a bit. But think of the look of love, gratitude, even promises, that she will give you for having made her live this moment.

Menu Made In Pyrenees

As soon as you arrive at the Hospice, give it a timely reminder that for centuries, pilgrims have trodden this path on their way to Santiago de Compostela. A little history never hurts. Then, sit on the terrace of “this gastronomic restaurant located at 1567 meters above sea level.”

You may find that I’m adding a bit to the story, but I’m willing to take the bet. By tasting local products, Stéphane and his team will make you travel through the Pyrenees. To whet your appetite, tell him that the chef makes it a point of honor to concoct only dishes made with products from the region. So get ready to treat your taste buds to a “Made in Pyrenees” version.

Menu made in Pyrenees

I remind singles, large families and simple hikers that the Hospice du Rioumajou is also open to them. From mid-June to the end of September between 7:30 am and 9 pm. The pleasure of enjoying a cold drink after the climb is recommended. It is however strongly advised to reserve for the lunch and essential for the evening meal. Different menus are available.

Those who would forego the pleasure of accessing the Hospice on foot, can drive there knowing, however, that traffic is regulated during July and August. For more information, you can check out the Hospice’s Facebook page, its Instagram account, send a quick email to the team (hospicedurioumajou@gmail.com) or contact them at 09 88 18 78 93.

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