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Gourmet treats to take home

of Saint-Lary

The must-tries to taste and take home with you!

In the Pyrenees, we love to eat !

Here, Tradition rhymes with know-how and a taste for good things.

Exceptional products await you at Saint-Lary Soulan’s merchants and producers, they’re a must, you won’t be able to resist them!

Le Jambon de Porc Noir

Classified PDO, this exceptional product from a rustic breed has an unforgettable taste. Raised in semi-liberty in the undergrowth, it eats only the natural resources of its environment (acorns, chestnuts, herbs…)

Honey from the Pyrenees

The wild mountain flora gathered by bees, gives its honey exceptional taste qualities and numerous virtues.

The cheeses

Sheep live peacefully and graze all summer in the mountains in a verdant natural environment. Their rich milk gives these cheeses softness, freshness and character.

You’ll also find quality goat cheeses from the  farms in our valleys.

La Garbure

A deliciously generous dish like its inhabitants. This traditional peasant soup from the Aure Valley is a hearty dish based on Tarbais beans, vegetables, mainly cabbage, and a good piece of Porc Noir or duck. You can find it in our restaurants or in jars, easy to take home.

La tourte des Pyrénées

Natural, chocolate or blueberry, it’s the Queen of successful breakfasts. Simple and gourmet, it can be eaten at any time.

It’s a “travel cake” that keeps very well.

Le Gâteau à la broche

A Symbol of the Pyrenees, a unique Savoir-faire. Its exceptional taste comes from the fact that it is turned for hours, by hand, in front of a wood fire. It’s an atypical cake loved by all. It keeps very well.