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The gourmet corner

At the crossroads of the culinary traditions of southwest France and Spain, Saint-Lary and the Aure Valley are rich in local specialties to taste and share.

Porc Noir de Bigorre


Classified AOP for Porc Noir de Bigorre and AOC for jambon Noir de Bigorre. This exceptional product comes from a rustic breed of pig that lives in semi-liberty in the undergrowth between the valley and the ski resort.

It’s this method of rearing that contributes to the taste of the products we find on our plates.
It’s at the foot of the mountains that the Noir de Bigorre pig moves in small herds to feed, enjoying a healthy diet based on the natural resources of its environment: grass, acorn, chestnut. No GMOs.


Spit-roasted cake


The gâteau à la broche is one of the symbols of the Pyrenees. Also known as Rocher des Pyrénées, this dessert is a cake traditionally served at notable events on the farms of the Vallée d’Aure.

Its unusual shape comes from its conception: a conical spit must be turned by hand for long hours in front of a wood fire while the batter is ladled. It’s this method of baking that forms the “peaks” as the cake swells, and gives it its oh-so-exceptional taste.


La Garbure


Garbure is a dish that adapts to your desires: from main course to starter, the choice is yours! This peasant soup from the Vallée d’Aure is essentially made up of cabbage, chunks of vegetables and a piece of Porc Noir or a sleeve of duck.