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Saint-Lary, the unspoilt gem of the Pyrenees, invites you to meet it in a #podcast that’s never been seen before!
Emblematic personalities will tell you about their love at first sight for this destination through their stories, experiences and even their good addresses. #Saint-LaryLovers, join the community of these adventure lovers in the heart of the Aure Valley.

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When you think of Saint-Lary, you think of mountains, nature and sliding sensations! Well, you’ll have to think rugby too, with our first guest. 🏉

The local boy

I got lost at Pla d’Adet

Nans Ducuing

Saint-Lary is alive all year round

Come in all seasons

Saint-Lary remains vibrant all year round. When the snow melts and the mountains are covered in flowers, the village is as lively as ever. Choose Saint-Lary for your summer vacations, and give the whole family a break from nature!