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©©nbirrien Pastures Summer Station Cows Img 7323

animal-related visits not to be missed


L’élevage de la maison Coustalat

The Coustalat family, breeders of Bigorre cows and black pigs, will be delighted to show you around their herds. Let us guide you on a walk through fabulous landscapes to meet the animals. Discover today’s pastoral life and enjoy a picnic prepared with their best products.



The Chèvrerie de Gouaux goat farm

Above the small village of Gouaux don’t miss a visit to the farm. Christian will introduce you to his protégés. He’ll tell you all about life on the goat farm. As for Stéphanie, she’ll explain the steps involved in making their famous cheese!


The husky den

Paul invites you to discover his small pack made up of the 4 Nordic breeds. A special moment to share with your family. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn about this familiar animal.



Les aigles d’Aure

Come and see the show at La volerie des Pyrénées in Arreau. An unforgettable moment: an awareness and approach to the world of birds of prey that you’ll remember. Free flights and presentations of the different species take place on a promontory that allows the birds magical freedom of flight.


Les mohairs d’Aulon

Angora goats await your visit to the village of Aulon. Come and admire the amazing-looking goats. You can stroke their soft fleeces and discover the mohair wool they produce. A top-quality product that you’ll find in their boutique as a ball of wool or handmade creation.