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Mountain bike events of great magnitude.

MTB Enduro Race

The Enduro of Aure

The first edition of this Enduro race took place in 2008. Since then, the race has been recognized as physically and technically demanding by amateur and professional riders.

Mountain Bike Enduro Race: Successions of timed descents called “the specials”. To reach the start of each “special stage” riders must ride on trails or roads (called “the links”)without motorized assistance (except for electric mountain bikes). The times of each stage are added up to determine the fastest rider.

The practice Vtt Enduro meets from now on many followers and the sixth Edition of the Enduro of Aure in 2022 testifies to it with 190 participants, of which about fifty kids registered… the relief is there!

The Enduro World Series

One of the rounds of the Enduro World Series (international pro competition in several rounds) takes place every year in September during the Pyrenees Bike Festival in Loudenvielle in the Louron Valley. The first edition took place in 2019.

In 2022 it is the final which is organized for the greatest pleasure of all.

Races for children are organized place also: enduro kids, pumptrack challenge…


The kbourre

On the BIKE PARK of Saint-Lary

The KBourre was created in 2010. This race is organized on the Bike Park of Saint-Lary and has made a small reputation since. Riders love to come and compete on this technical track with approved timing.
The track runs along the ridge of the Pla d’Adet between Soum and the school plateau.
So it’s visible from top to bottom for spectators, with catering and music!

Good timing

This race is usually held at the end of August on the last weekend the Bike Park is open, so be forward thinking in planning your weekends!


One of the rounds of the UCI Downhill World Cup takes place just a stone’s throw away from us!

Already 4 editions 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2022 in LourdesIn figures: 27 nations, 250 riders and 40,000 spectators.

And the Next Edition in September 2023 is planned to be held in Loudenvielle in the Louron Valley at the same time as the Enduro World Series.

Mixed race

Mountain bike enduro and trail in relay
The Contrabandista

With a first edition October 2022 this sporting event is unprecedented in the Central Pyrenees range. It will take place between the Aure and Sobrarbe valleys. This cross-border race will use mountainous trails steeped in history,

By team of two or four, competitors will experience an original sporting adventure in the form of a relay by traversing paths by Mountain Bike and running in an exceptional natural environment. Enough to whet the sporting appetite of trailers and mountain bikers. Sports that now have their reference spots in our valleys.