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Downhill mountain biking

at the Saint-Lary Bike Park
The Bike Park will be open on the weekend of June 24 and 25, 2023 and then from July 1 to August 27, 2023
How to get to the Bike Park

To get to the start of the runs you will take the Bouleaux chairlift which transports riders from the lowest point in the area (Lieu-dit Cabanes) back up to the top of Soum de Matte, a climb of almost 600m…

Each seat is equipped with a bike rack, allowing quick and easy access for riders.

A bike park with top-notch trails!

Le Bike de Saint-Lary welcomes you with its 11 trails. From the green to the black runs, please note that compulsory equipment is required for riders on all trails.

Prepared tracks

Trails prepared by a team of passionate and experienced “Bike patrols”. You’ll certainly have the chance to meet them at the trailheads, so don’t hesitate to ask for their advice!


If you’re a beginner, the Bike Patrols advise you to take the FAMILY RIDER trail (green trail) and then the EASY RIDER trail (blue trail).

These two trails run down to the start of the chairlift. What’s next? What to do…

Now that you feel more confident, try this itinerary: FAMILY RIDER, EASY RIDER, ALL IN while remaining cautious. Move on to another circuit when you feel 100% ready.

Tracks are divided into two categories

Flow tracks

Wide flow trails with jumps, banked turns and fun modules.

Enduro trails

The technical trails (enduro) are single-track trails built in the forests or on the ridges of the Bike Park, which is made up of roots, rocks, wilderness and sensational panoramas.

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