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Care and relaxation

After a day of hiking, what could be better than a good massage and a relaxing session in a hot bath.
I’ve tested the treatments at Sensoria for you.


It’s a true space for relaxation and fitness in the Aure valley.


Sensoria is the ideal place to let yourself go

It’s a true space for relaxation and fitness in the Aure valley.

To help you prepare for your stay in Saint-Lary, I’ve tested two treatments, one balneotherapy and one sculpting. These two treatments are representative of the services offered by the Spa. I also had access to the jacuzzi, thermal water pool, sauna and hammam.

This treatment involves lying on your stomach on a massage table (photo opposite), and receiving a shower of warm water mixed with a mist that sweeps over your body from head to toe. The pressure of the water can be adjusted to suit your mood, for total relaxation. The treatment lasts around a quarter of an hour. At the end of this treatment, I felt perfectly soothed and zen, the sensation of the warm water providing real relaxation.

My second treatment: the relaxation massage

This treatment took place in a tastefully decorated massage cabin with calm background music perfectly suited to the atmosphere. The massage was based on shiatsu techniques very well mastered by the beautician who took care of me. This massage concentrates on the legs, feet and back, and helps to relieve these parts of the body which are much stressed by a day’s skiing.

This treatment lasts around 25 minutes. We wish it lasted much longer.

In addition, I was able to take advantage of the thermal water pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and hammam, which allowed me to fully appreciate the treatments that followed.



My tips for preparing your visit to the thermal baths :

– For greater peace and privacy, I recommend visiting Sensoria in the morning or early afternoon, and avoiding the crowds at the end of the day.

-Please remember to book online before you come, as some treatments require you to make an appointment.

– If you stay at the Mercure hotel, you can take advantage of cure+accommodation package discounts.

– If you’re planning a treatment at Sensoria, plan to arrive a little early so you can take advantage of the thermal water pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and hammam.

– As children are not allowed in the spa area, Sensoria has created a play area for them, adapted to their needs and desires: the RIO. You can enjoy your treatments while your family takes advantage of the heated pool.

– An alternative to the Jacuzzi is the thermal water pool, heated to 32°C, with its magnificent view of the Pyrenean mountains.

And finally...

Highlights of my visit:

First and foremost, I particularly appreciated the welcome by the smiling, charming and very professional hostesses.

Then, the low crowds at the time of my visit enabled me to make the most of the facilities and I even had the privilege of having the jacuzzi to myself at certain times. It was very pleasant.

Finally, I was able to appreciate the rest room where they make you wait before treatments and where you have the possibility of having a hot drink and something to nibble on.


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