Paragliding in Saint Lary 7Paragliding in Saint Lary 7
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in Saint Lary

This summer, I decided to throw myself into the void from the top of Pla d’Adet


A tandem flight in Saint-Lary for everyone aged 6 and over! Even for people who are afraid of heights, because there’s no sensation of vertigo in paragliding!

On take-off

du Pla d'Adet

This summer, I’ve decided to throw myself into the void from the top of the Pla d’Adet to accompany my 11-year-old son on the adventure he’s been dreaming of! The flight will take place in the early afternoon for me, and in the evening for my son, as it’s preferable for lighter children to fly in the morning or evening when the wind is light or has died down!

So, after talking about it around me and seeing in some parents’ eyes a feeling of unconsciousness on my part to allow my son to take a paragliding jump, I reassured them that it was a sensational experience extremely safe, thanks to experienced instructors.



Under a radiant sun, in the very early afternoon, I was able to take off in the company of my instructor , who thanks to his serenity and calm must succeed in relaxing any novice a tad anxious during his flight.


Le Calme

and serenity
The appointment

The adventure begins with a meeting at the bottom of the cable car for all the instructors from the various organizations and the apprentice paragliders, and a good atmosphere during the ascent in the cable car, where unlike in the winter season, you’re not crammed in…

In flight...

We finally get to the heart of the matter, once the glider has been unpacked, and a few instructions given, we can launch. A few steps as we walk, then a little acceleration and hop,that’s it in the air, off we go for an original ride in the heart of the valley.

From Pla d’Adet, direction Sailhan, then thanks to the updrafts we climb back towards Soulan, I listen to my pilot’s instructions dutifully: “we’ll try again to take the updraft, lean to the right to turn, right again,” and we twirl over Vignec, where we’ll soon be landing.


What’s amazing, apart from the exceptional view, is the sensation of going very slowly, whereas here you’re going 35 or 40 km an hour, it’s incredible: no impression of speed but of calm and serenity, it’s really impressive!

Finally, we land gently, walking with a family welcome committee, including my son, who is carefully watching the procedure he’ll have to follow in his turn.

It’s 7 p.m., and it’s my son’s turn for his tandem baptism. The pilot, who has kindly responded to my son’s request, descends in tight turns that provide more intense sensations than the leisurely stroll through the air as I like it, from qualified instructors on hand for a gentle or gentle descent, as you wish but nevertheless always in safety



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