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Hike in the Pineta Valley in Spain

That morning, the clouds invaded the Aure valley and imprisoned the summits. The planned hikes are well compromised! A solution…take the road to Spain! To have experienced it many times, after having passed the Bielsa tunnel, you gain a few degrees in temperature and even find the sun

The Piñeta Valley is located near the border in the province of Huesca (Aragonese Pyrenees). It stretches for more than twelve kilometers from the town of Bielsa to the Piñeta cirque at the foot of Monte Perdido, following the Cinca River. It is an old U-shaped glacial valley delimited by high and steep ridges.

At the end of the road you arrive at the level of the Parador de Monte Perdido hotel and a prepared parking lot where you can leave your car for the day or several days. You are now in the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido.

Facing you are magnificent cliffs where the waters of the Río Cinca flow from the high parts of the cirque, rushing all along the rocky walls and forming superb waterfalls

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2 hikes in this valley

The LLanos de lari hike

without difficulty


You take the path that climbs near the chapel following the río de La Larrí. This path has stairs along most of its route. Be careful! Because of the proximity of the river and the waterfalls, it is very wet and therefore slippery in places! Then you reach a plateau with a direct view on the Monte Perdido massif. A treat for the eyes! The return can be done by the same route or by a wider path which does not present any difficulty. Elevation gain of about 400m from the parking.


The hike of the lake of Marboré

More difficult

With a difference in altitude of 1400m but you can spend the night at the Tuquerouye refuge located near the lake (be careful to inquire beforehand because works are planned).

The departure is made from the parking lot, signs will guide you. After a wooded area very pleasant on hot days you will be at 1600m and will already have a breathtaking view of the Piñeta Valley, the Tres Marias (Three Marys) and the majestic Cinca waterfall.

When you arrive at the latter, you can stop and refresh yourself. From here the path becomes stony but still very well marked. A series of twists and turns will take you very quickly to the Balcony of the Piñeta (2600m). Beautiful place where you feel humbled by this grandiose site!

The hike continues between the boulders and will take you directly to the Marboré lake, at the foot of the Lost Mountain and the Cylinder. The Tuquerouye refuge is located in the narrow passage of the breach of the same name facing Mont Perdu. I took the time to admire these peaks ranked among the highest in the Pyrenean chain (3rd and 11th).

The return is by the same route with nice surprises if you go off the beaten path.

It is also an opportunity to appreciate the exceptional flora of our large sites classified as National Parks.

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Don’t forget your identity documents, please respect the speed limits on your way, many controls can take place.

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