©nbirrien Snowshoeing Granges Grascoue Hiv21 (2)©nbirrien Snowshoeing Granges Grascoue Hiv21 (2)
©©nbirrien Snowshoeing Granges Grascoue Hiv21 (2)

A great experience

within everyone's reach!

Take a snowshoe hike!

All you need to know!

Beware of preconceived ideas...
Hard not to fall?

-F A U X-

If you can walk, you can walk with snowshoes. They’re shaped like a wasp’s waist and adapt to the natural movement of walking. No overlap, you’ll have to make the right choice of model according to your size and build.

Always be accompanied

-V R A I-

This is rather recommended for your first experience or initiation to acquire the right reflexes to adopt. Then let yourself be tempted on an easy trail around our villages.



Snowshoesless fun than skiing?

-F A U X-

Have you never hurtled down a steep snowy slope, running and leaping without sinking to your knees? Change your point of view, snowshoeing is fun too!

You can't go off-trail on snowshoes!

-F A U X-

Of course you can! That’s freeride snowshoeing.

Certainly, you need a bit of practice and a good level of fitness, as evolving with high quantities of snow can prove more difficult: you have to lift your knees a little higher!

State-of-the-art equipment

-F A U X-

Not at all, your ski outfit will do!; 

On the other hand you’ll need hiking boots with good waterproofing and that’s it. And don’t forget gloves, goggles, sun cream and a water backpack with a change of underwear. But you’ve already got all that in your suitcase!


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