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Our major winter sites

around Saint-Lary

All our major sites are located in the Pyrenees National Park


The Néouvielle Nature Reserve

Between granite landscapes and emerald-colored lakes, this magical place delivers incomparable beauty.
During winter, the reserve is accessible from the Saint-Lary ski resort by snowshoe or ski touring.Beware, these practices require good physical fitness and a good level of skiing and of course a good knowledge of the winter mountain environment. It is therefore advised to be accompanied by a professional, mountain guide or tour leader in order to enjoy and discover its grandiose landscapes.

Le refuge de l’OREDON as well as le refuge de l’Oule are open in winter and can welcome you.

For the less athletic know that you can reach the lac de L’Oule from the resort either by following the ski runs, or via a chairlift for the less athletic.



The Moudang Valley and the Couéou Forest

The Moudang

A wild valley, populated by numerous isards (hunting reserve) and a ferruginous spring, the Moudang takes you to a remarkable group of high-altitude barns (1521m), once the site of intense pastoral activity.

If snow levels allow, you can venture out on the trail leading to the Moudang barns on snowshoes.It’s always advisable to enlist the help of a mountain guide. However, you can also plan to spend a pleasant moment with your family and enjoy the joys of snow in a forest environment.

After the Eget factory (towards Spain), lieu-dit Pont du Moudang, cross the bridge to the right bank and leave the car. A wide track will take you to the barns (2h) in snow-free conditions.


La Couéou

If you continue your drive towards Spain you will find access to la forêt de la Coueou on the second winding bend after the village of Aragnouet.

Please note, special equipment for your vehicle is often recommended, as access is via a track.
You will find an area to park your vehicle and then simply drive onto the track that winds along the majestic pine forest.

The Badet Valley

This valley offers many attractions during the winter season. Very easy to access from the Piau-Engaly resort (35 minutes, 18 kilometers), you can enjoy snowshoe hiking and why not also try your hand at ski touring.

To get there head towards Spain, then Piau Engaly resort. Park at the P1 parking lot, go down the beginners’ slope and access the Badet valley at the bottom of the slope.

Rules: No dogs, even on a leash in the Pyrenees National Park. Bivouacs are permitted, more than an hour’s walk from the boundaries of the park or a main road, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 am.

Walks in our major sites


To get the most out of your hike, make sure you’re well equipped! Hiking boots, ski pants and jacket, ski gloves, water, snacks and a dry change of clothes in your rucksack (T-shirt, socks, hat).