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Saint Lary lights up

for the festive season
The pleasure of an illuminated village for enchanted festivities


Welcoming visitors in warm surroundings is a Pyrenean tradition. The village of Saint-Lary Soulan strives to perpetuate it.

By Bruno Boubin

A little history: the first electric garland

The festive season remains a time for conviviality and sharing, sentiments so dear to the Pyrenees. Every year-end, the embellishment of village streets with Christmas lights and decorations sets a festive mood. They are also an opportunity to showcase the architectural beauty of this small mountain village, nestled in the heart of the Hautes-Pyrénées.

Humans have always associated light with all their celebrations.
With the advent of electricity, the prospect of illuminating towns and villages during festive periods took on a new dimension. The origins of this phenomenon can be traced back to a private initiative. In 1882, Edward HIBBERD JOHNSON, nephew of Thomas EDISON, had the idea of embellishing his personal Christmas tree with an electric garland.

Henceforth, end-of-year illuminations and decorations are associated with a festive invitation to share convivial moments. The village of Saint-Lary Soulan has just celebrated the centenary of a fruitful collaboration with EDF in the supply of one of the most environmentally-friendly sources of energy.

Illumination of the village's architectural heritage

The mountain village of Saint-Lary Soulan boasts a remarkable architectural heritage.

Every year, visitors strolling through the village streets appreciate all its authenticity. During the festive season, this impression is reinforced by the illuminations and decorations that highlight this rich heritage.

You only have to stroll down the main street after a day’s skiing to be convinced. For those who still doubt the soothing and reassuring effect of such a stroll, I invite them to finish their night stroll in the thermal park. A change of scenery guaranteed.

And finally...

Shopkeepers join in the festivities

This winter, the Tourist Office invited the village’s shopkeepers to decorate their windows. This initiative, in which a number of shopkeepers took part, helped to reinforce the festive rendezvous given to locals and visitors alike to joyously celebrate the end of the year.

Getting to know Saint-Lary better