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Le Patou

The resort mascot

His name is “PATOU”, a white ball of fur at birth. As an adult, his thick coat enables him to withstand the harshest weather conditions, as he lives in the mountains of the Pyrenees. He’s also said to resemble the dog from “Belle et Sébastien“.

We take you on a journey to discover the Patou, our resort’s mascot.

An animal with many qualities...

It is a proud and courageous animal. Excellent watchdog, wary of strangers, he is the shepherd dog very close to his master. His job: protecting flocks from predators.

...and a fun mascot

We’ve chosen to adopt this dog as our mascot, integrating him into the lives of holidaymakers but giving him a whole new role for the enjoyment of young and old alike!

He’s becoming a fan of crowd bathing and cuddling, and doesn’t miss a moment of meeting visitors to Saint-Lary. It’s only logical to find him at most of the village’s events!

You might spot him at the foot of the piste during one of our events, or on the outdoor skating rink


Play with Monsieur Patou