Preparing your cycling adventure

Saint-Lary, the Pyrenean epicenter of cycling

This is where cycling legends are written! Ideally located, Saint-Lary is the ideal base camp from which to tackle the giants and access priceless treasures: the lakes of the Néouvielle nature reserve, the Pyrenees National Park… A natural beauty that will accompany you on a cycling holiday that combines mountains, sport and authenticity.

A few tips

For a successful race

Getting ready

Riding at altitude is an exercise that requires preparation. From 1500 meters upwards, you may experience headaches, shortness of breath or even dizziness. This is due to a reduced oxygen supply.

However, the body gets used to it and improves its aptitude for altitude within a few days. Remember to take a backpack containing the necessary safety equipment, including a bottle of water to hydrate yourself regularly.

The seasons

Most passes are open from May 1. To check, consult the road information at Inforoute 65.


We’re going to make you laugh, but first and foremost, you need a bike in good condition with good tire pressure.

Theroad bike is ideal, given that most of our roads are asphalted. Some, however, are in more or less good condition. For the more adventurous, you can also take some forest roads. Make sure you know the terrain and road conditions before choosing your equipment. In all cases, be sure to check the brakes and wheel mountings: the climbs are fierce, and so are the descents!

Another must: hydration! Remember to hydrate and look for water points to refuel.



  • The code de la route applies to all users in all circumstances;
  • The wear of a helmet is recommended;
  • Make sure you are visible in the evening, at night and in tunnels;
  • Downhill, moderate your speed and don’t cut corners on winding roads ;
  • Respect the environment and don’t litter alongside the road;
  • If there are any, use the cycle paths;
  • The vehicles accompanying you must not travel at the same speed as you.

Don't forget

Pros or amateurs, our roads are open to all, and the rules are the same for everyone. Respecting them and taking a few basic precautions are essential to ensure that pleasure doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

In the event of an accident

Secure the accident site, then alert emergency services, indicating the precise location. Cover the injured person, but do not move him or give him anything to drink.

Emergency numbers

  • General rescue : 112
  • Emergency medical services (SAMU): 15
  • Fire brigade: 18
Before you leave

Prepare for your outing;

Inform yourself of any work in progress;

Inform us of any weather changes;

Provide water and supplies if necessary in a small backpack;

Think about charging your phone.

In a group

Cyclists should never ride more than twoabreast on the roadway;

Avoid riding in the opposite lane;

Keep a sufficient distance from the bike in front of you to allow for an emergency stop;

Ride in single file as soon as traffic conditions require it;

Stay grouped and be solidary 😉