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The Azet pass (2 sides)

Between two valleys

The Azet pass is accessible by its two sides. These are two different climbs. It’s up to you to choose the one you like! Unless you choose to try both of them.

Access from the Saint Lary side

Surrounded by breathtaking scenery, the Col d’Azet connects the Aure Valley and the Louron Valley. A little-traveled road in the middle of pastures, it is a regular stage of the Tour de France.

Once at the top, you will be at the level of the Val Louron resort, at 1580 m of altitude. You will then be able to admire the resort of Saint-Lary with the Pla d’Adet on the west side and the resort of Peyragudes on the east side.

Identity card
  • Starting altitude: 866 m
  • End altitude: 1,590 m
  • Cumulative positive elevation gain:997 m
  • Distance: 10.6 km
  • Average slope: 7%

Level: difficult

The ascent to the pass is longer on this side (12 km). It starts at an altitude of 827 m with an average slope of 7% and ends at 1,580 m, i.e. 753 m of ascent.

Allocate about 1 hour for the ascent.

Beware of the wind at the finish, the pass is well cleared.

Prepare your ascent well

The climb starts at the southern entrance to Saint-Lary at the junction between the D 929 and the D 25; follow the latter and pass through the villages of Sailhan, Estensan, Azet.

The first two kilometers are easy. They are in curves and straight lines and offer a superb view on the left on the ascent to Pla d’Adet.

The last 8 kilometers are more difficult: the slope shows 8, 9% (and sometimes exceeds 10%): fortunately the view on the summits is a real happiness.

About 6 km from the summit, the crossing of the village of Azet is a succession of steep slopes, on a very winding road. The last few kilometers are climbed on a road with an 8% slope and big curves.

The pass offers a beautiful view of the Lustou and Estos peaks. Once at the top, it is possible to go back down to Génos-Loudenvielle and join Saint-Lary via Arreau.

Access from the side of Génos

To reach the start, go down to Arreau and direction Génos by the D618. The route starts in the village and more exactly in front of the traffic circle of the town hall.

The ascent begins with a succession of turns with a magnificent view of the lake of Génos Loudenvielle. This pass has been taken eight times since 2016 during the Grande Boucle.

Identity card
  • Starting altitude: 970 m
  • End altitude: 1,588 m
  • Cumulative positive elevation gain: 657 m
  • Distance: 7.4 km
  • Average slope: 8.4%
  • Grade: difficult

A very nice view all the way up.The road overlooks the Génos (or Avajan) water body and you can see the road leading to the Peyresourde pass located on the left on the other mountain range.

The road is lined with trees and provides welcome shade.

Beware of the wind at the finish, the pass is well clear.

Prepare your ascent well

From Génos, large laces follow each other for two kilometers with a slope at 8% . It then follows, two more demanding kilometers at 10%.

The next kilometer will allow you to breathe with its “only” 7% before starting the last ramp at 8% for 3 km.

Possibility to turn right towards the Val Louron resort.