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Aragon tour

If you ever leave Saint-Lary for Spain, don’t miss the sunken village and Lake Mediano.

according to Jean-Michel Loric

Ideal for hiking and picnicking by the lake, a change of scenery guaranteed!

Direction Ainsa

The old village

“Have you had the curiosity to go beyond the pretty town of Ainsa, to push a little further south to the lake (Embalse) of Mediano?
Don’t hesitate, go there, it’s frankly worth the detour, it’s extraordinary!
It’s the ideal place for a family picnic, hiking, sightseeing or a siesta on the shores of the lake.
With the “famous surprise” that will amaze your children.

Judge a little…

ABSOLUTELY magnificent, isn’t it?

Wait, that’s not all, here’s the highlight of the show, the surprise in question that literally transfixed my children: The bell tower of the sunken village of Médiano”

The lake and dam

The lake, an artificial water reservoir on the upper reaches of the Cinca River, designed to power a hydroelectric plant, completed in 1973, covers 1714 hectares and drowned five villages, including Mediano. Only the church steeple, which resists water erosion, protrudes from it, constituting a local curiosity and a diving site.

Lake Médiano or Embalse de Médiano is situated at an altitude of around 500 meters and is 6 to 7 kilometers long with a maximum width of 2 to 3 kilometers, overlooking upstream Lake El grado. The small village of Samitier, between the two lakes; offers a pleasant starting point for a short hike that allows us to admire the lakes, principally “Médiano” and its sunken village of the same name.

Depending on the water level and the seasons, the bell tower is more or less visible.

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The essentials


“While you’re in the area, there are plenty of other wonderful things to see. Superb typical villages with perfectly restored stone houses nestled on high ground (Ainsa, Alquezar, Loarre…) If you like sport and adventure, the famous canyons of the Sierra de Guara, near Huesca, offer fascinating hiking routes.
Ordésa National Park and Mont Perdu are also nearby.
You can discover the admirable valleys of Anisclo with its canyon, Pinéta and the Escuain Gorge.

Happy discovery and enjoy your visit.”