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Sensoria Rio

Saint-Lary spa and leisure centre

It’s possible to bathe in bubbles in Saint-Lary!


For young and old alike, a moment of relaxation to be shared in a magical environment.

After activities comes relaxation
A canyon, as if you were there!

After a day of sport, it’s time to relax your little muscles in the whirlpool baths, so put on your swimsuits and come and enjoy the warm water in an enchanting setting overlooking the mountains. You’ll be able to choose between bubble beds, Jacuzzis, massage jets, geysers, waterfalls, saunas and cold-water wells, and you’ll be able to vary the pleasures in complete safety, thanks to the many lifeguards who supervise the different areas. From the age of 6 months, you can bring your baby with you, with armbands and diapers provided. A particularly pleasant moment of relaxation to share with your loved ones, friends or family.

Easy access

In the heart of the Village, around a shady, flower-filled garden.


Buy a jersey on site if you’ve forgotten yours!!!

Your children will thank you

The drawback with children is that once they’ve tried it, they’ll be pestering you to come back, come back and come back again. In short, you can take out a loyalty card… An ambient temperature of over 30° as soon as you enter, and hot water bubbling up to the mountains up to 32°, you’ll never regret walking through the door, and you’ll be back again in no time…whatever the weather: summer or winter.

And finally...

The space has expanded

Something new…

Since the end of 2021, a new area, or rather 2 areas, have seen the light of day. You’ll find an area with outdoor pools. There’s a 50m² pool reserved for adults only, great for relaxing or if you don’t like being splashed by our little ones, and a 100m² pool for the whole family or friends. There’s also a premium area upstairs with a more Zen feel, featuring light-colored tiles, cocooning decor and soft cushions for a nap. A chomotherapy room, hammam and outdoor Jacuzzi are also available. There’s nothing like a relaxing atmosphere and a peaceful ambience.

Even more relaxation