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Fishing at the summit?


Altitude lakes and seepage from the various valleys feed the Neste, a 1st category river.

On your reels!

Our Aure valley has no shortage of lakes and rivers. Following the Neste, the name of the river that winds its way through the valley’s various villages, we can count some 23 tributaries to it.

It stretches from La-Barthe-de-Neste to the Spanish border. This valley is “golden”, teeming with treasures even underwater. Don’t believe me? Follow me into this world of aquatic “nugget” fishermen.


Mountain lakes

Our mountain lakes were populated with fish thanks to the shepherds who introduced them for their larder. The fario trout is the queen of Pyrenean lakes, but you can also find rainbow trout, cristivomers, arctic char, brook salmon and minnows…

Fishing can be an integral part of your hike… be the goal, and you can plan to sleep next to a mountain lake (bivouac for one night) or take advantage of a hike to, during a break, treat yourself to a pleasant moment of fishing for young and old alike!

No-kill courses

No-kill fishing routes are marked out. The latest have been set up in the Rioumajou valley in front of the Hospice (free loan of equipment and supervision – info: Saint-Lary Tourist Office This practice consists of systematically releasing the day’s catch. You’ll have just enough time to take a souvenir photo if the catch is worth it!

To know more

Trout must therefore be at least 23 cm in size, and 18 cm in its tributaries.

When to sin?

In France , angling is permitted half an hour before sunrise and up to half an hour after sunset.

What if I'm just starting out?

Eight beginners’ courses have been set up, including three in the Neste basin.


The fishing season runs from mid-March to the end of September in the Neste, streams and lakes. In mountain lakes above 1,000m, fishing opens from late May to early October inclusive. Please note! Some fish can be caught all year round, or have wider opening dates.

Local fishing association

Permits can be purchased over the Internet or at any of the locations affiliated to the fishing federation. Sales are made in the valley, at the Vielle-Aure tourist office, at the Auroise hardware store in Saint-Lary, at the Saint-Lary tourist office and at Carrefour Market.


We’d like to point out that dams sometimes release water and can cause rapid water rises even in fine weather, so pay attention to the pictograms and be careful!

A fishing rod is a super conductor, so when approaching a power line, lower your rod so that it’s parallel to it. You’ll avoid getting struck by lightning.

In particular, on the watercourses concerned, SHEM installs yellow signs warning anglers that it’s dangerous to venture into the bed of the watercourses at these locations and that it’s best to stay on the banks