Climbing in the Aure Valley

Here’s a subject that is close to my heart. The controlled breath, the taut rope, the rough and irregular wall, climbing is for me a space of freedom and remains an emblematic practice of the mountain. As a kid, I already felt the urge to climb everywhere. Trees, rocks, it didn’t take much to find a playground for me. Today, it is to the sound of quickdraws clashing on my side that I like to take my friends to let off steam on the walls of the Aure valley.

A valley

ideal for climbing

I won’t hide from you that the Aure valley is ideal for this activity. Different sites are spread all along the valley starting from Lannemezan to the Spanish border and beyond. To help you find them, a Topo guide has been written by climbers, volunteers and mountain guides in order to reference the different routes and perpetuate this practice. By buying this Topo guide you will contribute to the maintenance of the equipment of the cliffs.

For my part I bought it from an equipment manufacturer in the center of Saint Lary Soulan. If you don’t like to walk for hours but are looking for a sporty activity to start a fitness program in the fresh air, I suggest two easily accessible and climbing crags to start with. One is located in Piau Engaly, the other in Cadéac. You can practice individually according to your knowledge and possibilities or with a professional. The latter solution allows you to progress faster in complete safety.

Piau Engaly

At the entrance of the resort, at the first traffic circle access the “parking P1” (Tip: park at the very back it will save you too much walking). Go on foot in the direction of the Badet valley, the school rock will be on your right. This natural rock will allow you to initiate children and adults to the basics of this practice thanks to its curves. You can complete your day with a hike in the Badet valley. Climbing, like skiing, has a difficulty rating ranging from the easiest 3-4 to the hardest 8c-9a. In Piau-Engaly 10 routes are proposed to you ranging from 3 to 5a-5b.

The first contact with the wall is always a special moment, or emotions are mixed: excitement, fear, concentration. Beyond the practice, it can be a search for serenity, calm, somehow being in tune with yourself and knowing how far you can go. When you reach the top, it’s the long awaited moment of deliverance with a feeling of pride, of success. You will also learn to trust someone because you never climb alone… The person who assures you is committed to making this moment safe. The walls are free to access for all but it remains a dangerous activity that requires proper preparation in terms of equipment, handling and knowledge of the practice.

Actors in the valley will be able to advise you and/or accompany you.

Accessible to children
Discover the flora and fauna
A point of view


Located on the road before Saint Lary Soulan, this village is less transient thanks to the bypass recently put into service. At the level of the fountain in front of the church take the direction of the Tour de Guet dating from the 13th century. The viewpoint is not to be missed !

Park next to the cemetery and take the path going up to the right then quickly take the path to the right to the cliff. You will have a 5 minute walk from the cemetery enough to warm up your legs ! This place hidden by the forest will allow you to be in the shade but also alone because the site is recent and little used. The level rises with routes from 5a to 6c on 25 meters high maximum, enough to have fun all year long…

Other sites

To climb

Other known and recognized natural sites such as Péne Haute, Suberpéne, Grézian etc….not to mention Spain with Bielsa, Las Devotas etc…are also accessible for more thrills.

Cliff climbing is different from indoor climbing. You will be able to feel the stone heated by the sun, be in the open air while admiring the landscape. Only the weather is not always of the part to which case you have the chance in the Aure valley to practice climbing in room. This room is located at ” Beyréde-Jumet ” at the exit of Sarrancolin. It offers you to practice on artificial climbing structures or S-A-E. The climbing club made its open house on Saturday, September 12 however you can contact it all year round.

Activities derived from climbing (which use the same equipment “) can be practiced in the Aure valley or in Spain: Canyoning, Via Ferrata, Accrobranche…

Good Climbing !

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