Since January 10th, 2008 Aure and Louron Valley are certified “Pays d’Art et d’Histoire”. We can group its legacy in three domains.

A natural and landscaped legacy

Its isolation during centuries as well as its geographic configuration had enable to preserve many natural spaces. Discover various fauna and flora, sometimes specific to the Pyrenees. A big breath of fresh air and a pleasure for the eyes!
See the "Natural Heritage"

An architectural, civil and religious legacy

Aure Valley is on an axis of exchanges with Spain and Saint-Jacques de Compostelle pedestrian ways. This localisation enables it an architectural, civil and religious legacy very important and various. Thus, a lot of chapels and churches are home of authentic treasures: baroque altarpieces, polychromatic wooden statuettes, painting dating the XVth century …
See the "Heritage Building"

A knowledge legacy

Local specialties don’t miss in Saint-Lary: “Porc Noir de Bigorre” from Vignec, goat cheese, “Gateau à la broche”, “Garbure” … Of what to delight the wards of everybody!
See the "Heritage in your plate"

The “Pays d’Art et d’Histoire” label values the legacy: it enable to discover valleys and each of the villages, to exchange, to share … whatever the public (residents, secondary residents, young people and guests). Thus, this legacy is save and told.