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Tourism and disability

Tourism & Disability: the Tourist Office is accessible to all!

In a desire for accessibility, Saint-Lary has developed infrastructures adapted to all types of disabilities. The Tourism & Handicap label obtained in 2016 is the result.

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The Saint-Lary tourist office has been awarded the

Created in 2001, the “Tourism & Handicap” Label aims to provide reliable, descriptive and objective information on the accessibility of tourist sites and facilities, taking into account the 4 types of disabilities (hearing, mental, motor and visual) and to develop an adapted tourist offer.

The tourist sites and services that have obtained the Tourism and Disability Label are tourist sites OPEN TO ALL where everything is done so that everyone can find their place, have a good vacation, enjoy visits and activities, entertainment and festivities, comfort of accommodation and quality of catering. When preparing your vacations, have the reflex to look for this symbol!

The Saint-Lary Tourist Office team is pleased to announce that it has obtained the Tourism Handicap label since February 2, 2016.

Tourism and Handicap referents:
Alice VALTAUD – Charlène PERISSE

Improvements made to the office

Parking, access and pathways

  • An adapted, reserved and marked parking space: located in front of the Tourist Office next to the parking meter
  • Access and pathways to the Tourist Office entrance with directional signs
  • Location of the entrance door with the words “entrance” in large white print
  • Adapted public restrooms adapted and pathways indicated by a sign at the start of the Tourist Office


  • Gray and gold adhesive strips for the visually impaired were placed on all interior and exterior glass areas.
  • Non-slip carpet with metal slats at the entrance.
  • Automatic door at the entrance, the left door on the left is fixed and the opening is done by the right door, the word “entrance” is indicated above.
  • Reinforced lighting including one located above our reception bank and a very good permanent lighting of our space (spotlights + double illuminated ceilings). The furniture-counter reception, modulated with a lowered part, for the motor deficient.
  • A sofa and an armchair of conviviality for the comfort and rest of all.
  • Chevalet on the reception bank indicating the languages spoken within the Tourist Office
  • Displays of adapted documents: information signage set up with the association of pictograms and texts.
  • Documentation available: In enlarged characters, Braille, MP3 players (made available with the possibility of keeping the recording of the conversation).
  • For the hearing impaired: Complete system of hearing assistance, magnetic loop, sound amplifier, headphones.
  • Defibrillator located on the side of the emergency door.


by cable car only

People with Reduced Mobility Access: You have the option of taking the Telecabine to enjoy a lift. The arrival is on the snow, so it’s ideal if you’re a skier and it’s an interesting ride for the view if you’re a non-skier (mechanical chair access). The vehicle remains the best way to get around Pla d’Adet for the non-skier.