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Letting go of the car

A stay to enjoy the resort and disconnect from everyday life

The metro, the streetcar, the car the pollution STOP! Feel like white, blue skies and fresh air?

Welcome to our chairlifts that will make you forget about everyday life. Even in the village, no need for a car, in winter a special shuttle will take you directly to the foot of our cable car or gondola or simply to the village center for a stroll around our shops.

We take care of everything

Picnicking in Saint-Lary all year round

Come in all seasons

A stroll in the snow, nose icy cold, scarf wrapped tightly around your neck, has a real charm! But picnicking in the mountain pastures, the sun on the back of your neck, good local produce spread out on a tablecloth in front of you, your eyes focused on the peaks, that’s even better!