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Walking/pedestrian ,  Natural in Saint-Lary-Soulan
6.6 km
3h 30min
  • After a small walk into the solitary valley of Baricave, you will follow in the middle of magnificent Scots pines with Mediterranean atmospheres and scents.
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Points of interest
From the car park, return to the bridge, then go up to the right by the path which passes below a house. After a large boulder topped with a pine tree, go to the left in the lawns, Then continue to progress through the forest. The path first overlooks the Baricave torrent then follows it. When the valley widens, the path rises and reaches a ledge. Climb onto the second grassy level and continue south.
Go up to the left (east) to reach the edge of the forest. The trail describes several switchbacks, first wide then tight, and after a steady climb, reaches the ridge.
The path switches to the other side and heads south, practically horizontally. After 1 km, it begins a series of short and steep switchbacks in the forest to come out on a wide passable path.
Follow it to the left until you reach to the Frédancon parking. Turn right, cross the Neste du Rioumajou on a bridge, then after 80 m, take the trail on the left alongside a barn (cow trail). Follow it along the right bank of the Neste to the Soubiron bridge.