The star of the valley's cuisine comes from Vignec. The Porc Noir (Black Pig) of Bigorre is a very hardy breed that had been forgotten by commercial farmers for its lack of profitability. Thanks to the work of a group of enthusiasts, breeders and processors, the race was saved and was able to find an economically viable niche due to the excellence of its ham. It is well known within the Slow Food market community and will be receiving its AOC (Appelation d'Origine Controllée) soon.

Today, work to save the culinary heritage of the valley continues in particular with husbanding a an endangered cattle breed, the Casta, which we expect to find its way to the grandest restaurants in the coming years.

Add to that a few "pearls" of the Valley such as the cheese of Pitou à Gouaux and its fromage frais, the traditional gateau à la broche and garbure... enough to make your mouth water!