The Pla d'Adet area

Opened in 1957, the Saint-Lary resort was first developed around skiing in the Pla d'Adet sector, before spreading to higher altitude sectors. Today Pla d'Adet is the centre of downhill mountain biking activities in the summer with the Soum de Matte chairlift serving the Mountain Bike Park. The chairlift is also open to walkers who can enjoy the breathtaking panorama of the highest points and strike out for Espiaube by the high altitude roads.

“The Pla” is a veritable "eagle's nest" offering a magnificent view over the valley and mount Arbizon whose summit seems to watch over the surrounding area. It contains nearly one third of the accommodation in and around Saint-Lary along with shops, restaurants, and bars. It is from here that most paragliders take off.

The Pla d'Adet is directly connected to the village centre by the Pic Lumière cable car.

Three kilometres past Pa d'Adet on the access road from the valley, you'll pass by Espiaube, a village of storage barns 9 km from Vignec, and the departure point for Saint-Lary 2400, before reaching Pla d'Adet, and the true foot of the pistes. A road usable by cars leaves Espiaube up to 2200 m altitude, known as the “route du col de Portet.” From here you can hike to the Lake of Oule and the Bastan Refuge.