Saint-Lary ski pass and pedestrian

To access to the Ski resort, you must bring a ski pass. In Saint-Lary, don’t hesitate to consult our different offers : adapted prices for family, groups, seniors, students …

To access the ski area, you must be equipped with a ski pass. Please consult the various offers. There are discounted rates for families and groups, seniors, students, etc.

The resort is also accessible to non-skiers. Enjoy your stay, exploring the area and its panoramic views on foot! Take a walk to Lake Oule and eat  on the terrace of a high altitude restaurant, where you can meet your friends and family who are skiing!

Several of our partners (ski rental companies, shops, accommodation) allow you to pick up your ski pass without going through the ticket offices. You can also book your ski pass in advance in order to get the best rates and save time on arrival. Your ski pass can waiting for you when you hire your skis, for example! Take advantage of our online ski pass booking system.

Choose the myAltiSki card. Once in your pocket, you can use it to to ski freely, only being charged for the days you use the card), and you can manage it online via your smartphone.