The Aure valley has been blessed with an exceptional natural heritage, being on an axis the trade route to Spain and the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. It was spared by both the wars of religion and the French Revolution, meaning that a wealth of churches and chapels in the villages have authentic baroque altarpieces, multicoloured wooden statues and exceptionally well preserved paintings dating from the fifteenth century.

As for the natural environment, the isolation of the valley and its geographical configuration have preserved it from the ravages of modern times. Today it is a listed conservation area.

The Art and History label (Pays d'Art et d'Histoire) aims to preserve and promote local heritage, to bring it to life and make the historical and cultural background of our valleys accessible to all.

Residents, young audiences and visitors will all enjoy discovering and understanding the fascinating stories the valleys and villages have to tell, exchanging and sharing their wealth in these three areas:

  • Natural heritage and landscape
  • Civil and religious architecture
  • Regional traditions and expertise