Meet Mr. Patou, the Pyrenean big dog !

his birth and his history

His name is Patou, a big white ball of fur at birth. In adulthood, his thick fur allows him to withstand the weather conditions because he lives in the Pyrenean mountains. We also say that he looks like the dog in “Belle et Sébastien” movie. It is a pet, proud, brave, affectionate, children love it. Excellent guard dog, suspicious of strangers, he is the shepherd dog very close to his master. he knows how to gather herds and protect them from wolves.


Where to find him?

Mr. Patou likes to go for a walk on the toboggan runs and ski slopes. But his favorite territory is the kid park and its dedicated area : the Patou Park. He doesn’t hesitate to demonstrate his dexterity at the Ice Rink: an opportunity to see a white big ball fur on skates! Very sociable and sporty, it is not uncommon to see the Patou during the various events of Saint-Lary !

What does he like to do?

Loving gliding, Mr. Patou loves to hit the toboggan or ski slopes, and drag on the ice rink. Very agile, he will share with you another of his hidden talents: igloo construction! As a good self-respecting dog, the Patou loves to participate in treasure hunts where race and ingenuity are necessary.
After these long busy days, Mr. Patou likes to take time to relax or play in the Sensoria Rio at the therms.

What does he eat ?

Patou has a wolf appetite! As a starter, he likes to savor Black Bigorre ham. La Garbure, a homegrown soup, serves as a main dish to warm it up and give it enough energy for the rest of the day. And as our mountain dog is greedy, he likes to finish his meal with a piece of cake “on the spit” or a pancake, simply !

Open your eyes, you could possibly cross it !
Patou welcomes you to Saint-Lary and offers several meetings throughout the stay. He will dance with you during Patou Party and he will propose a small meeting at the ice rink or on the school board at the foot of the slopes.

To know his schedule, come and get your "event program" at the reception of the Tourist Office (in the village or Pla d'Adet) or find it in the agenda section on our website.