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From Porc Noir de Bigorre to Rocher des Pyrénées including Garbure, several cooking traditions from South West of France and from Spain are to discover in Saint-Lary !

At the intersection of the culinary traditions of the South-West of France and nearby Spain, Saint-Lary and the Aure valley make the best of both worlds! Among them, a number of local specialities worth noting.

First, and not to be missed, is the famous Black Pig (Porc Noir) of Bigorre, an exceptional product made from a hardy rustic breed saved from extinction in the Aure valley. The pigs live freely in the woods between the valley and the ski resort, where they get as much from the local quality of life as holidaymakers do! Responsible methods of production contribute to the quality of the products that we find on our plates when they're turned into food!
For dessert, it's hard to miss one of the symbols of the Pyrenees, the gateau à la broche, also called the Rock of the Pyrenees. This traditional cake was historically made for special occasions in the farms of the valley. It takes a long time to make and is always done by hand, forming a long tapered shape over many hours before a log fire, adding the mixture and forming a series of points as the cake grows.

Among the most popular recipes of the valley is a kind of vegetable soup, called garbure. This is a true country dish with as many recipes as cooks. It can be served as a main course with a piece of pork or duck, or as a simple consommé. Certain ingredients including cabbage and beans are almost always used. Another traditional valley dish soupe de Sarrous. This is based on a kind of wild spinach that shepherds used to be in the habit of picking up around their barns in the summer pastures.

All these specialities and many more can be discovered among the producers and restaurateurs of the valley!