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The House of Heritage

A museum, an “event” room, a store, a media library.

The House of Heritage through exhibitions, staging and animations makes you visit our Pyrenean heritage.

Its creation


The House of Heritage was born from a renovation of the buildings that make it up. Renovation that fits perfectly with the Pyrenean style of the village.

  • The museum deals with various themes on the Pyrenees through the various exhibitions: permanent exhibition, temporary exhibition (theme renewed every 2 years), traveling exhibition.
  • The room “event”, which hosts exhibitions and speakers.
  • The store, showcase for local producers, essential actors in the distribution of products of our land.
  • The media library, with its books dealing with various themes on the Pyrenees


Interactive Spacesto discover with your family

Spaces dedicated to the interactive discovery of the mountain. Discover the fauna, the flora, the trades of the past but also of today, while having fun!”

Guided tours of the museum are offered but also of the village of Saint Lary which has much to teach you…