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Saint-Lary Comfort Quality Label

The Tourist Office has created this label to enhance the destination’s tourist real estate.

This Quality approach provides the impetus for an upmarket accommodation quality.

187  results
The largest choice to prepare your stay
187  results
The largest choice to prepare your stay
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In order to better qualify the accommodation offer and to enhance the comfort of furnished tourist accommodation, we have created a “Quality Comfort Accommodation” Label, based on qualitative criteria: general aesthetics, comfort, level of equipment and services, expressed from 1 to 5 diamonds.
It is recognized throughout the destination “Saint-Lary”.


  • Quality of materials, homogeneity of furniture, ambient lighting, harmony of colors and textiles.
  • Integrated and functional kitchen and bathroom.
  • Impeccable bedding: density of mattresses, comforters, pillows, undersheets and pillow protectors.
  • Storage and coat hooks in sufficient number: dressings, built-in closets, etc
  • Equipment: dishwasher, extractor hood, assorted dishes and table linens, washing machine, towel warmer, bath/shower screen, flat screen TV, connected speaker or hifi system.
  • WIFI connection.
    Find the list of furnished accommodations labeled Qualité Confort Saint-Lary.

You are an owner: How to obtain the label for your furnished accommodation?

All types of accommodation are concerned, intended for rental or not.

For any request for information or an appointment, you can contact the Saint-Lary Tourist Office:
Vincent Grangé
Tel. 05 62 39 53 78