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Which slopes to do during ski lessons

of your children in Saint-Lary
You have registered your children for ski lessons, and you don't know how long you will be able to ski? Here are some tips ...
You have registered your children for ski lessons at Pla d'Adet, and you don't know how long you will be able to ski?


Some quick tips for those who don’t know the resort well yet and don’t want to arrive late to pick up their kids at the end of ski lessons.

By Maguelonne

For children who have run 3 hours

First option

For the brave morning person and the skiers who go everywhere, you obviously have the option of skiing in Espiaube. If the children’s lessons end at 1pm reasonably, at noon you have to start thinking about the return to Pla d’Adet because you are not the only ones to pick up your children at this time….
In this case, leaving Espiaube, you have to take the Lita chairlift, follow the balcony of the lita, continue on the birch trees to reach the ski lift of the huts, once at the top of this one you can join the track of Mickeys.

On the Mickeys , go down to the right along the Garlitz ski lift, it is at this intersection that you will take the Garlitz path which will lead straight to the ski school departure plateau. If you missed the junction you can always use the kidpark conveyor belt, but be careful with the time… because it will be crowded at rush hour… By the way on this route, it’s only blue runs…



The second option

The second option for good skiers is to start from the balcony of Lita then take the Bassia ski lift which takes you to the top of Soum de Matte, you then branch off onto the blue run of Soum de Matte, then you arrive at the black run Carots, which once downhill, takes you to the Mickeys ,so from there you take the same path as mentioned above.


And finally...

Avoid going to Espiaube, apart from the connections you will not have time to enjoy it, for the good skiers, prefer Soum de Matte or possibly push to Arbizon but otherwise you will be late….

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