The lake of the Oule

by the ski lifts

Hike in an exceptional setting just a stone’s throw from the Néouvielle Nature Reserve


I propose a snowshoe or après-ski hike, accessible to all, even children (equipped of course), that will make you discover the beauty of the Oule lake in winter and the snowy landscapes.

By Jean-Michel Loric

Vignec cable car starting point of the journey

The Oule lake with its refuge and restaurant is accessible in winter by the ski lifts from Espiaube.

If you are a skier, no problem, your ski pass allows you to access it.

If you are a pedestrian, you will have to get a pedestrian pass from the Altiservice ticket offices.

In 45 minutes and 3 changes, or 4 if you leave from the village, of lifts, you will arrive in this enchanting place located at the foot of the Néouvielle Nature Reserve.

A pretty panorama during the trip

The gondola takes you from the parking lot on the Vignec side to the Pla d’Adet at an altitude of 1,700 meters. From this point, you have two options. You have the possibility of taking the Pla d’Adet / Espiaube shuttle which lasts about ten minutes or if you are a skilled sportsman and you already want to walk: the 3 km hut trail is made for you. However, be sure to check with the ski lifts before taking it. This one can be closed for avalanche risk. When you arrive at Espiaube (Saint-Lary 1 900), get on the gondola, you will then have to take the SABOURES chairlift andthe LAC chairlift and you will then discover the charming refuge of the Oule lake on the outskirts of the lake where you will be able to have a coffee, have lunch on the terrace or even stay one night.


accessible to children
Panorama on the lake
The walk not to be missed

The trail begins once you cross the lake dam. It is important to know that this path is not secured and maintained during the winter season but that the traffic is regular and therefore the route is normally well visible. However, you will need to be well equipped with waterproof hiking boots or anti-skid après-ski boots or why not snowshoes if the conditions allow it. Count 1h to go around the lake.

The return is by the same route. Don’t let yourself be distracted by this remarkable landscape, the chairlift to the lake stops around 4:30 pm.

On your marks!

And finally...

In all seasons

At each indication of this walk, it delights young and old. We hope now that it will make you want to go further and come back in summer to discover it by the various paths that surround it.

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One small recommendation, pay close attention to the closing time of the chairlift and other lifts to return to your starting point.

Otherwise, you would be forced to stay overnight at the lake…

The last lift being around 4:30 p.m. or so.

Be sure to ask about the times at the ticket booths or with the staff there.

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