Rando Raquettes Au Pont Du Moudang 1Rando Raquettes Au Pont Du Moudang 1
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Snowshoeing excursion

at the Moudang Bridge
A day in white!



Fun, sun, friendliness and beautiful scenery are the first words that come to mind to describe this family snowshoeing hike at the Pont du Moudang, just outside St-Lary

by Jean Michel Loric

It snowed last night!

After the snowfall of the day before and last night, more than 40 cm of powder snow, the wind was still blowing in strong gusts on the summits and access to the Pla d’Adet ski area was limited for safety reasons.

So why not stay in the shelter of the hollow of the Aure valley and hike with the family on the fresh snow?
So, we were not going to deny ourselves.

So it was a happy troop that set off towards the top of the Aure valley, at the Pont du Moudang.
A well-known place for hikers (departure of several hikes), campers and thrill-seekers (the mythical Moudang suspension course).


Like in the movies

Once we cross the bridge, our direction will be the one on the right, well sheltered under the fir tree as it is impossible to climb to the barns for the moment given the height of the snow and the storm blowing at altitude

A real soothing and silent movie set with only the sound of our footsteps to bring us out of this daydream.

The cross-border trail well known to pilgrims going to St-Jacques de Compostelle, which crosses the Aure valley, was an opportunity to walk on a slightly wider track and discover some well-preserved barns and huts.

Midway through the route we arrived at the Hydroelectric power station of Fabian.
After having made the tour, Mathieu enlightened us with these lights on the history and operation of hydroelectricity in the Aure valley.

And finally...


We would have stayed even longer in the soothing and relaxing calm of this dreamy setting but unfortunately all good things must come to an end…
Long after our stay in Saint-Lary is over, we will keep the images and impressions of this snowshoe hike in our memories.
I also recommend that you come back to discover this place in the summer and hike to the Moudang barns.

But this is another story…

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