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Saint-Lary Le paradis

of the pitchouns
You had the good idea to stay in Saint-Lary Soulan, we take care of everything.


You’re anxious at the mere prospect of not knowing how to occupy your children during your family vacation in the mountains. You feel guilty at the thought of fully enjoying this well-deserved vacation, dreading that you won’t remain that exemplary mother, once again ready to sacrifice herself for the happiness of her offspring. Relax…

Activities to be scheduled throughout the week


As soon as you arrive in this small mountain village in the Hautes-Pyrénées, go to the tourist office. Don’t hesitate to beg the receptionists with an anxious look when you ask them if animations are organized for children. Then let yourself be overwhelmed by this sweet euphoria when you discover that this village, labeled “Famille Plus Montagne”, is a paradise for children. Try not to giggle with pleasure when you learn that a personalized welcome is reserved for families and that activities are organized daily for children. Then you can begin to gloat inwardly as you meticulously prepare their schedule for the week.

Implement a strategy of exhaustion
Don’t feel sorry for yourself. If you have any doubts about your little one’s ability to enjoy the pleasures of sliding, as soon as you arrive, take advantage of the initiation offered by the “Bear Academy” to reassure yourself. Then, sign him up for the Piou Piou Club and book individual lessons for the older one. Think that by entrusting your children to professionals, you will at least be able to enjoy a few hours of peace of mind. You can even go so far as to invite their father to take those precious photos that will allow you to make that album of memories that will delight the whole family. Above all, tell yourself that after a few hours of skiing, you’ll already be well into their exhausting propensity to run around.

Non-skiing activities, it's moving in the village

Don't give them a break

While your little one is begging for a nap, invite your husband to accompany the older one to the Kid Park and Patou Park, located in Pla d’Adet. When you discover the progress he will have made in such a short time, you may hear about it for ages. When your little one wakes up, you have at least two options. One of the family-friendly rides, where he or she can get exhausted again in safety, or a magical trip to the recreation center. Enjoy the prospect that he’ll make friends and beg you to sign him up to spend every afternoon there. At least once a week, think about doing one of the two family orienteering courses. Best way for a fun discovery of the village.

You can already feel that their resistance is waning and they are not far from the KO. Don’t feel sorry for them. Draw the ultimate weapon to finish them off: the outdoor rink. Gloat at the prospect of seeing your youngest clinging to his father until he bravely manages to make it a few meters on his own, and encourage your oldest to tame the triple Lutz with each of his attempts, sometimes involuntary. I guarantee that after half an hour, they will beg you to go to bed. You will then feel the happiness of having accomplished your mission.


And finally...

Don't forget the essentials

Make sure that their meeting with Monsieur Patou will be a lasting memory. Immortalize the moment for the family album. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by emotion when they are going to be amazed when they discover Lugo at the Maison de l’Ours. Take advantage of their insatiable curiosity to visit the House of Heritage museum and the House of the Pyrenees National Park. Abuse the Family Pass to go and recharge your batteries at Sensoria Rio. Finally, think about going to attend the traditional torchlight descent. It will inevitably make one of your two offspring want to become a ski instructor. Finally, book a babysitter at the tourist office for a romantic evening.


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