Une Journée En Famille 1Une Journée En Famille 1
©Une Journée En Famille 1|Christophe Gressin

A family day in Saint-Lary

in winter
The resort is only 2 hours from Toulouse, 1 hour from Tarbes or 1h30 from Pau, ideal to discover Saint-Lary during the day


Wednesday… two pre-teens were at home, to keep them occupied without spending the day in front of a screen: everyone to the mountain!”

Christophe Gressin


So here we are, leaving Toulouse to make them discover the valley of Saint Lary by taking advantage of the snow.

Departure (not too) early, for an arrival in the middle of the morning with, already, a treat for the eyes when arriving in front of these mountainous immensities. Unfortunately, little snow was waiting for us in the village… the access was facilitated, and we will still go to look for it, from the morning: we decide to go and discover the resort.
So we take the gondola and, as expected, the snow is waiting for us!

Let’s say it right away: if it’s a pleasure to arrive at the foot of the mountains, it’s a treat to take the altitude!

Of course, the Pla d’Adet is the starting point of all the sliding activities, and many are active at the bottom of the resort.

A few descents on the sled run and a walk on the snowmaking opens our appetite!

And yes, the great outdoors, it digs! Noon arriving, the terraces of the edges of track fill quickly under this magnificent sun; the children wishing to eat a pizza (you will find on the site of the city the complete list of establishments). They were not disappointed, and their greedy father either!


The afternoon arrives, we will continue to enjoy this setting by going for a walk in the mountains. At the guide office, we can agree on an activity and the modalities.

Of course, we could have also “simply” chosen a walk in one of the many guides available, but choosing to go with a mountain guide, besides the security guarantee it represents, allows us to discover other places and gives a different approach to the walk (discovery of nature and the mountain through explanations on the fauna, flora and the environment in which we evolve).


Daniel chose for this beautiful afternoon the valley of the rio Barrossa, on the Spanish side, in the beautiful region of Aragon, towards the Munia pass. We will not go all the way to the pass, but we will cross some magical landscapes. The beginnings of the walk are under the trees, close to the stream.

We encounter some ruins, in particular those of cable cars that have not worked for over 60 years! They were used to transport ore for nearly 17 kilometers!


And finally...

On the way back


The walk ends, it’s time to head back. We get back down quickly, as the route has made us enjoy the scenery “before” and our destination is not so far from the car that takes us back to Saint-Lary. We take the road back to Toulouse, beautiful images in mind and with the feeling of coming back from vacation….détendus!

We will renew the experience for sure!”

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