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A day without skis in Saint-Lary,

no worries
Here is an overview of the activities to do without skis in Saint-Lary village.


How? When you come to the mountains, it’s not to ski every day at all costs? Well, neither do I!

A living village

Thankfully, when it’s a “white day” or simply when you don’t feel like skiing today, the village of Saint-lary is full of resources. This is its primary quality. Saint-Lary is not just a resort, it is also a village full of life.

Whether you are more of a shopper or more of a lover of regional culinary specialties, you will find something to satisfy you.

For shoppers, numerous boutiques open their doors to you and offer a wide choice:

mountain clothing and accessories for your next excursions
city clothes to fine-tune your wardrobe with taste
or pretty souvenirs or decorative items that you will bring home from your stay in Saint-Lary.

For foodies, I encourage you to try the specialties of the Aure Valley in a restaurant or café-bar in the village, so that you can discuss the making with the owners and thus taste, in addition to the specialty, the charm of the locals. Once you’ve found your favorite, don’t hesitate to run around the stores in Saint Lary to take this delicacy home with you or simply to enjoy it again during your stay.

For me, the spit cake, a sweet specialty of the region, remains No. 1 for my taste buds, and has been for several years! I recommend it more than highly!

Never a dull moment in Saint-Lary

Other occupations are offered to you of course!!

For the youngest, the city park or the merry-go-round in the center of the village will be unavoidable.

The playful Balneo space the Sensoria Rio as well as the thermal baths welcome you to spend well-deserved moments of relaxation.

Private moments around crazy laughter await you atthe outdoor skating rink in the center of the village!

Don’t forget to visit the House of Heritage and The House of the Pyrenees National Park which make you discover our mountain environment in a different way!

And finally...

Peace and quiet in the fresh air

Winter walks along the river: find a moment of calm outside the bustle of the village or resort, wrapped up warmly in your down jacket let yourself be guided on the trail that runs along the 2 banks of the Neste d’Aure …

Visits around the village of Saint-Lary

Even more

of moments to live