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Thermal cures

The Pyrenean springs at the Saint-Lary thermal baths have been renowned since antiquity, these waters are recommended for respiratory tract treatments and rheumatology.

Your Thermal Cure

Located in the heart of the village and a magnificent landscaped park, opened in 1988, the Thermal Baths of Saint-Lary combine technicality and comfort. Sodium sulfide waters, a preserved valley and a privileged climate make Saint-Lary a sought-after thermal and climatic resort.

The thermal cure can benefit from coverage by the Health Insurance if it is prescribed by your attending physician and is spread over 18 consecutive days. The thermal establishment is open for treatments every day from Monday to Saturday (Sundays excepted).

Therapeutic orientations

The Saint-Lary-Soulan spa offers 2 orientations: rheumatology and respiratory tract.

The rheumatology spa treatment helps fight against osteoarthritis, back pain, joint stiffness, and other rheumatism.

The spa treatment in respiratory tract is indicated for people suffering from asthma, rhinopharyngitis, bronchitis and recurrent laryngitis and will clear and cleanse the respiratory tract in order to limit the risks of infection.

2 solutions are available to you: a spa treatment in single orientation or in double orientation, to effectively treat rheumatology and respiratory tract at the same time.

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