Walking/pedestrian ,  Natural in Saint-Lary-Soulan
9.7 km
2h 30min
  • From Saint Lary, this route, without difficulty, leads you throught balcony old trails to Tramezeigues village built at the foot of his fortified castle and roman church.
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Points of interest
With your back to the tourist office, turn left onto rue Vincent Mir. At the Town Hall square, turn right into rue du Corps Franc Pommiès and continue opposite to the cable car parking to reach the edge of the Neste. (If you wish, you can easily get back to the edge of Neste by taking rue de la piscine from the tourist office).
Follow it to the right for 300 m and come out on a road. Cross the bridge and follow the D223 to the church of Vignec.
Go left for 80 m, then cross the stream and continue on the road that goes up (Chemin de la Pradette). In a bend, continue to the left and reach the village of Cadeilhan-Trachère. Walk along the chapel and continue straight on Trachère.
At the exit, take the wide path to the right, then at the next intersection, turn left. Continue for a long time to a bridge over the Neste. Cross it and go up to the road. Cross it and go up by the path opposite to the village of Tramezaygues (church).
Follow the lane to the left, join the road and follow it to the right. At the wash house, take the street on the left (Cami de Arias). Continue opposite on the edge of the meadow, then turn left and descend. Cross a footbridge and join the road. Walk along it behind the protective wall and cross the Neste du Rioumajou on a footbridge.
Go up the road to the right and follow it for a long time to the old camp of Caneilles.
At the next intersection, turn left and go down to a road, follow it to the left for 50 m, then descend to the right.
Continue on the road and go right, then left to reach the center of Saint-Lary and the tourist office.