Saint lary village or Aure Valley thanks to its border situation with Spain takes advantage gastronomic tradition of the region.

Le Porc Noir de Bigorre (Porc Noir is a special hog race)

The Porc Noir (meat and ham) is classified AOC. (Department of agriculture high reference). This old race is famous: the pigs live in a half-freedom in the woods between the winter resort and the village. Thanks to this type of pig farming the flavour of the meat is exceptional.

Le gâteau à la broche (Pyrenees cake)

The “gâteau à la Broche” is one of cake gastronomic Pyrenees symbol. Also named “rochers des Pyrénées”, this desert was served during special events (birth, wedding, and christening). The cooking of this ancestral cake is very long: during the process the cooker have to pour the preparation on a conic configured loaf pan. While the loaf pan is turning on a spindle over a fire wood.

La Garbure

The garbure is a soup made with cabbage, any vegetable pieces, porc noir meat or duck meat.
Others regional specialties are to be discovered such as the “tarbais” beans, sarrous soup (like wild spinaches).

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