Meet Mr. Patou, the Pyrenean big dog !

His birth and his history

His name is Patou, a big white ball of fur at birth. In adulthood, his thick fur allows him to withstand the weather conditions because he lives in the Pyrenean mountains. We also say that he looks like the dog in “Belle et Sébastien” movie. It is a pet, proud, brave, affectionate, children love it. Excellent guard dog, suspicious of strangers, he is the shepherd dog very close to his master. he knows how to gather herds and protect them from wolves.


Where to find him?

As great sport lover, Mr. Patou runs in the “Patou Trail”, “La Pyrenéenne” and “La ronde des vélos”: so try to imagine a huge white hairy dog on a bike, or breathless during his race !
He doesn’t miss any meeting time with Saint-Lary visitors and it is quite logical to find him during each village events.

What does he like to do?

Mr. Patou is a nature lover, so he likes to go hiking during the summer to discover the wonderful valley landscapes. Sportsman through and through, he enjoys walking, running, or cycling. But as he gets quickly hot with his fur, he makes a small turn through the river water of Saint-Lary to cool off and have fun before heading back to adventure.


What does he eat ?

Patou has a wolf appetite! As a starter, he likes to savor Black Bigorre ham. La Garbure, a homegrown soup (because yes he needs to eat vegetables and keeps energy for the rest of the day). And as our mountain dog is greedy, he likes to finish his meal with a piece of cake “Gâteau à la broche”, a pancake or when it’s really hot a big ice cream !
If you come across a weird, white, bushy animal, greet him: you'll have flushed the Patou !