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The activities in WATER

River and Canyon Descent


We offer you the most beautiful canyons of Europe in Spain in the region of Mont Perdu (1 hour from St Lary) or Sierra de Guara (2h30 from Saint Lary).

Canyon descent is a fun and refreshing mountain activity. Natural slides, jumps in turquoise water or abseiling, there is something for everyone.

However, it is strongly advised to hire a guide to be accompanied. Indeed, these are rivers whose level is influenced by the weather and a professional guide of the activity accompaniment will be able to lead you there safely.

Learn about the different types of canyon descent with our professionals.

In River

Raft, mini-raft, airbaot, canoe, hydrospeed…plenty of fun! Alone, with family or friends you will always find a boat that suits you to navigate on the Neste d’Aure.

From the month of May until September you can enjoy 8 to 10 kms of descent.

Our guides will teach you how to cross the rapids and other waves of our river. It is also an opportunity to discover the beautiful landscapes of our valley from a different angle.