©nbirrien Panoramic View Pla D'adet Dji 0058 Panorama 3©nbirrien Panoramic View Pla D'adet Dji 0058 Panorama 3
©©nbirrien Panoramic View Pla D'adet Dji 0058 Panorama 3


on the station

At an altitude of more than 1,600 m, the Espiaube cable car takes you up to 2,230 m!

Panorama for everyone

1 700m

The cable car

and the bouleaux chairlift

Boardthe cable car from the village of Saint-Lary and after a short, easy 1.2 km walk join the Birch Tree chairlift.Revel in the scenery all the way up and be sure to wave to the mountain bikers enjoying the Bike Park below your feet!

Viewpoint at 2,213 meters above sea level! A moment of contemplation made in the Pyrenees. At the summit, a photo area has been created to showcase yourself against the sumptuous backdrop of the Pyrenees mountain range!

Orientation tablebirch trees

At the top, breathtaking scenery! The orientation table will help you get your bearings in the face of this immensity!

For the return trip, 2 choices: Take the downhill version of the Bouleaux chairlift, which is unprecedented, as the views change completely! Or choose to walk and take one of the trails that will take you to the Les Bouleaux departure station or to the bottom of the slopes.

2 330m

Even higher

Espiaube gondola lift

To get to the Espiaube gondola, take the Pic Lumière cable car. On arrival, a shuttle will take you in 10 minutes to Espiaube where the gondola is located.

Do you want to get there by car? No worries, you’ll have to take the Espiaube direction. You’ll reach the parking lot in 20 minutes. Once at the summit, you can discover hike departures or simply admire the sumptuous scenery.

Other departureOther walks

Hiking starting point. Set off, for example, towards the Bastan refuge and its lakes. Head down the path towards the Col du Portet. Follow itinerary n°6.

Bikes, scooters and dogs are not accepted.

Practical info