Climbing in the Néouvielle Reserve

Don’t hesitate to discover the great routes of the Néouvielle massif! Between lakes and rocks, breathtaking landscapes.

The Great Ways

in the Néouvielle massif

Around the Lake of Cap de Long

The Wall

Overlooking the lake of Cap de Long which culminates at more than 2100m, La Muraille de Cap de Long offers about forty beautiful big routes from 80 to 200m from 4/4+, mostly fully equipped.

There are also two small sectors of equipped rinds with about thirty routes from 5 to 7c.

A few minutes are enough to reach the foot of the first routes from the parking lot…including the classic “Immediate Boarding”.

This is not a school site

You discover a very beautiful granite rock, in an atmosphere of high mountain!
Here some passages can keep a “mountain” character, and vigilance remains a must.

Despite its high frequentation this site is not to be considered as a school site.
Dieps, cracks, slabs and knobs, there is something for everyone!

Note the address of the bar “the Garlitz”, and its terrace with a view of the walls, which has become the essential meeting point for climbers.

Left bank of Cap de Long

On the left bank of the Lake of Cap de Long, after a more consequent approach walk, you will find the traditional routes of the Muraille du Ramoun (Parking Sauvage, Pétrocalis, Flagrant Délice…)

But also the so-called modern routes of the Néouvielle, in its South or Southwest faces, with notably the classic “Immortela” some 300m long and which exits directly to the summit of the Néouvielle at 3192m.

In addition to these climbing routes, the Massif du Néouvielle is rich in granitic ridge runs offering magnificent aerial rides in the exceptional setting of the Néouvielle Reserve.

But also

To discover with a guide

The ridges of Ferbos, the 3 Advisors, the Alharisses or crests of the Mourèle are among the most beautiful mountaineering walls with little or no equipment.

It is necessary to have the right equipment to climb there as well as the necessary experience or, failing that, a good high mountain guide.


Finally, we must not forget the Pics d’Espade which conceal in their western faces about fifteen 200-meter routes mostly equipped in the best granite of the Pyrenees.

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