Climbing in an exceptional setting

Around Saint-Lary

You will find two magnificent limestone cliffs, major in the Central Pyrenees, and accessible at the entrance to the Aure valley.

The great routes of the Néouvielle massif as well as the climbing sectors of the Spanish side are also not to be missed.

The emblematic cliffs

of the Aure valley
High Pene

The access starts with a forest track from Rebouc to the Col d’Estivère.

Then expect a nice approach walk through a beech forest before the path opens up to this majestic limestone cliff about 100 meters high, with its reference sector “Vol du Sphinx” in the foreground.

This major cliff is part of the history of climbing in the Pyrenees.It is characterized by the excellence of its rock and its exceptional setting, with an unobstructed view of the Aure valley.
In an old school style, Pène Haute presents demanding routes on very beautiful slabs, beautiful vertical and domed walls. With nearly 200 pitches from 4 to 8c, and an entry ticket in 4c it is especially from 6a that you will start to have choice.


Take a forest trail from Hèches, which you then walk up in its private part.(see details in the topos).

Long of 500m, Suberpene is a magnificent limestone cliff very appreciated in view of its regular attendance.
This rocky bar unfolds several sectors in the same type of rock as Pène Haute, but with nearly 60 more affordable routes, between 4 and 6 out of the 200 that the cliff has.

Here, the rock is varied with slabs, mono, bi-fingers and even columns!”
Note: MJC, the great route that has become a classic of the sector is accomplished in 4 pitches in 5/6.


On the Spanish side

Saint-Lary being located at the gates ofSpain, it would be a shame not to pass the Bielsa tunnel to discover the Aragonese cliffs.
The first sectors (Révilla, Bielsa, Las Devotas,…) are indeed less than an hour’s drive away, and to leave for the southern side of the Pyrenees is to be surprised by a real change of scenery!”

You will find access and grading information for these sectors in the topo-guide GRIMPING IN THE VALLEYS OF AURE AND CINCA . Beware of the exposure of the routes, it can be very hot in the summer!