The valley has experienced neither political upheaval nor wars and was even spared the industrial revolution. In most churches and village chapels you can find baroque altarpieces, frescoes dating from the fifteenth century, multi-coloured virgins and other treasures that we have managed to make it through history intact!

The latest of the region's mysteries dates from the 2000s, when excavations unearthed two large bells. Very old, they are too big to belong to the bell towers of the valley and it is believed that they were hidden here to avoid being melted during wartime? But which war? And where do they come from? While waiting to find an answer to this conundrum they are exhibited under the Saint-Lary belfry, opposite the Tourist Office.

Another attraction belonging to this kind of heritage is the road to Santiago de Compostela, which passes through the Rioumajou Valley on the way to Galicia.

There are lots of water mills in the valley, some of which like the Moulin Débat at St Lary Soulan, have been restored and can be visited.

For features like these and many more, the Aure valley has been classified as a “Country of Arts and History.” by the national authorities.